12 Mobile Apps for Blogging

12 Mobile Apps for Blogging

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Smart phones are with us everywhere we go. Unless we are disconnecting, which happens from time to time. Even though I am a fan of the technology disconnect to enhance family time, you can’t deny the enormous convenience a smart phone gives us.

As a blogger, connecting is an important part of being successful. Connecting and getting other ‘blog work’ done on the go is especially important if you do want to enforce the disconnection rules after dinnertime.

The following are mobile apps that I use for blogging on the go…or from the couch. These are listed in no particular order, their importance depends on what I’m using it for!

I use these apps on an iPhone, but I believe these are all available for Android as well.

12 mobile apps for bloggers

1. Buffer Buffer is a fabulous tool for scheduling tweets and facebook posts. You can use a normally set schedule, or set a specific time for it to be posted.

2. Bloglovin I read my favorite bloggers on Bloglovin’ any chance I get! Right now, I don’t have a lot of time in a day to sit down and dedicate to blog reading, so I usually catch them when I’m walking the halls or have a quick 15 minute break browse through my feed.

3. WordPress I’ve found that the WordPress app is great for drafting posts when I get the urge to write. I haven’t published any from my iPhone app yet, but I have from my iPad.

4. Google+ I’ve read over and over that Google+ is great for bloggers, so I try to connect on it as much as I can. You can read a little more about Google+ here.

5. Facebook Pages Manager Another way to share and connect.

6. Klout Klout is a fun way to see your ‘influence’ on social media. It goes up or down depending on how connected you are with others.

7. Instagram Probably the app I spend the most time on. Yet another way to connect with others!

8. Twitter see #7

9. Notes I use the Notes app in iPhone a lot to jot down post and recipe ideas when they come to mind. It’s handy to have right there when I need it, not on a random list in the 5 notebooks laying around my apartment.

10. Pinterest I haven’t been on Pinterest as much lately, but it’s yet another way to help gain followers and exposure to your blog. I don’t use Pinterest for pinning my own content, but for providing new, relevant content on the feeds of people who follow me.

11. Phonto Phonto is a great app for adding text to photos! You can use solid or textured backgrounds, a huge variety of fonts, colors, etc. The only app I use for text right now.

12. Diptic Diptic is a good app for making collages on your phone. There may be other ones out there that allow you to also add text, but I still prefer Phonto for text additions.

Tell me…
What other apps do you use for blogging?

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