10 Leg Workouts Sure to Make You Sweat

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Well, it’s officially been 6 weeks since Kyle and I have been doing workouts together (almost) every day. And it feels great!

We’ve been doing body weight training and running workouts, like you’ve been seeing in the last few At-Home Weekly Workout posts.

We have decided NOT to do a gym membership at the moment, and we’re going to keep up a similar body weight and running workout routine. However, I want to start incorporating more strength training workouts like I’ve always done in the past!

Most of these workouts can easily be done at home with dumbbell weights – and even more easily done in the gym if that’s what you prefer! Instead of something new for you today, I decided to pull together a round up of leg workouts that may have gotten lost in the blog over time!

For workouts where I’ve posted instructions for the moves, I’ll leave a link to the workout just above the graphic.

10 leg workouts sure to make you sweat

Kick Start Your Leg Day!

Leg Workouts

leg day

Lower Body Moves With Resistance Bands

lower body circuit with resistance bands

Booty Bustin’ Supersets

lower body supersets 3

Plie Leg Circuit

plie leg circuit


Summertime Legs Circuit

summertime legs circuit

The 200 Squat Leg Day


Tip-toe Into Leg Day



Happy Monday!

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Are you lifting this week? Running? Training for something particular?

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