Healthy Meals On A Budget

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As I talked about in yesterday’s post, the grocery budget has been slashed. We’re surviving by following my Eating Healthy On A Budget guidelines. Your healthy meal choices aren’t limited while trying to save money on groceries. Here are just a few healthy and delicious meals I’ve prepared on our budget! I will also list the items from our grocery list with their price.

Prices were a breakdown of the whole price of the purchased item, broken down to the unit serving I used. If you have any questions about the prices or brands I’ve been buying, please let me know! Here is an example for 2 eggs:

2 Eggs: $2.50/18 eggs x 2 eggs = $0.27
$2.50/18 eggs = $0.14/egg

Breakfast for $1.03

Egg scramble with spinach, black beans, and Black Forest ham lunch meat. On the side are two pieces of whole wheat toast with hummus as a spread.

2 Eggs = $0.27
1/4 cup Black Beans = $0.10
1 cup (approx 1 oz) spinach = $0.19
2 slices Ham = $0.22
2 slices bread = $0.13
1 tablespoon (1/2 oz) hummus = $0.12

Total Cost: $1.03

Breakfast for less than $1.00!!

Lunch for $1.05

Chicken tacos on corn tortillas with Greek yogurt, spinach, black beans, and red onion.

4 oz shredded chicken = $0.50 (This is an estimate because the total weight purchased included bones.)
1/4 cup Black Beans $0.10
1 cup (approx 1 oz) spinach  = $0.19
1 oz onion = $0.05
2 Tablespoons Greek yogurt = $0.12
3 corn tortillas = $0.09

Total Cost: $1.05

Dinner for $1.90

I was still purchasing fresh chicken breasts before we discovered the great way to shred chicken thigh meat, but it’s still a budget friendly meal! Find the recipe for Creamed Spinach Chicken Sandwiches here!

This breakdown is for one sandwich, where the recipe gives ingredients for two. I also did not include spices in this, because I have no idea how many servings you get per container!

1 roll = $0.15 (bought from bakery)
1 chicken breast = $1.00
2 cup (approx 2 oz) spinach  = $0.38
2 Tablespoons Greek yogurt = $0.12
1 oz onion = $0.05
1/5 red pepper = $0.20

Total Cost: $1.90
Would you rather have this chicken sandwich, or the $5 one from Chick-Fil-A? I bet you this rivals in taste!

Snacks for under $1.00

100 g carrots and 2 tablespoons hummus = $0.60
1/2 cup crockpot applesauce = $0.40
1/2 cup cottage cheese = $0.54
1/2 cup roasted chickpeas = $0.45
1 banana = $0.20
12 homemade tortilla chips and salsa = $0.20

Tell me…
What are your favorite low-cost meals?


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