stay safe while running

My legs are sore. So sore. They haven’t been this sore through the entire Burn Circuit of ChaLean. And I love it. The Push Circuit is definitely going to help me get stronger.


My run this morning was so-so. The fact I haven’t really run in two weeks and it was chillier out than normal probably contributed to that. And there was some kind of funky smell along one of the streets. (TMI?) I walked a chunk of my last mile, and ended up finishing three miles in about 32 minutes. 
I didn’t quite realize how sore my legs were until I ended my run and had a nice long stretch session. The runner’s lunge is quickly becoming my favorite, because it feels like it stretches everything. I thought for sure my legs might get stuck in that position because they felt really stiff. Might be a sign I should stretch again tonight.
I also realized I’m very inconsistent in my running. A few weeks ago, I finished three miles in under 28 minutes, and I ran at about the same time in the morning as I did today. I guess I need to work on that.


Breakfast this morning was a giant bowl of apple & cinnamon overnight oats. As luck would have it, I made these last night and was craving eggs this morning. Guess I’ll just have to deal!

I think I really just wanted an excuse to have avocado this morning. But I reasoned it out by deciding I’ll use it on a salad for dinner tonight in stead. Problem solved. :)

Stay Safe!

Since this appears to be a morning of realizations, I’ll give you one more. The last few times I’ve ran, it’s been really dark out and I’ve freaked myself out a bit by running alone. My neighborhood is very safe; there’s lots of police around and always people out running in the morning, but I should try and be more prepared in case something out of the ordinary were to happen. Especially since I won’t live in this neighborhood forever.

This morning, I found the app called StaySafe, which is available for iPhone and Android. I think everyone should take a look at it. I tested it out so I can share with you how it works, but you can also read more about it on the website here.

When you are going out for a run, walking to work, whatever you might be doing, you can start a countdown. The countdown will run in the background of your phone while you play music, use Endomondo, tweet about your awesome mile time, etc. 
This morning, I set up Kyle as my emergency contact, and used his e-mail for notification. (I downloaded the ‘LITE’ Version, which means I can enter one contact who will be notified by e-mail, but you can purchase the full app for $4.99 and get up to 5 contacts to be notified by SMS.) StaySafe sent Kyle an e-mail when I started a countdown and when I cancelled my countdown. I also tried one where I started a countdown and didn’t cancel it, and he received this e-mail. **Note** He had to go through his Spam filter to approve the e-mails, so that is something to watch out for.

When you click on the location link, it opens a map with your starting locations and last known location. Mine only shows the last known because I didn’t move at all when I set my countdown, since I was testing it out from work at my desk.
The app will send you notifications as well, saying that your countdown will end in 1 minute and that an alert was sent. I was happy about this, because I tend to be forgetful. I’ve accidentally let Endomondo track me for hours in my apartment several times after a run.
The website instructs that during your countdown, you can hit the panic button issuing an alert. If an attacker were to notice, you can ‘cancel’ the alert by entering you PIN, and your emergency contact will receive another e-mail notifying them of this. Alerts are also sent out if your phone is turned off or your battery dies. 
I think this is a pretty handy app to have!
What measures do you take to stay safe while you run? Do you live in a neighborhood where you don’t need to worry about it?

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