3 miles in the zone

My goal for today’s workout was to run 3 straight miles, while staying in the heart rate target zone. When I got my heart rate monitor, I did a little Google research to see where I would want to be for different types of workouts. It said for marathon training or other long distance, you should be around 75-85% of your MHR (maximum heart rate). From the site I found, I would calculate my maximum heart rate to be 188. That would mean that my 75-85% zone would be 141 to 160. I wasn’t in that zone for very long. Here’s a look at my mile time breakdown.
My heart rate monitor says my ‘target zone’ is 122 to 166 bpm, which is 65% to 88% of my MHR. That’s fairly close to where I want to be for running distance. I ran a really slow first mile so I could stay in that zone. I was out of my ‘target zone’ for most of mile 2, and all of mile 3. I actually walked a little bit of mile 3 (because Jillian kicked my butt yesterday and my legs were crying), so I guess my running pace picked up because my split time didn’t change a whole lot.  So, my 3 miles in the zone didn’t really happen. I’d have to slow down to a walk to make that happen. My conclusion? It looks like my body has a lot of training to do so I’m not running at MHR for miles on end. 
I think I might need to consult a more knowledgeable person than Google to tell me if it’s a good idea to try and run longer distances at MHR. Not that at this time, I could do a whole lot more than 3 miles without some walking.
With time and patience, the distance will come! 

Anyhow, after my run I took Barkley for a walk. It was a nice little cool down.


A breakfast sandwich sounded appetizing this morning, so that’s what I went with. One egg over hard, half a link of turkey sausage, and some avocado on a whole wheat English muffin.
The sausage curled up kinda funny, but it still tasted amazing. I hadn’t had avocado in a while…so it was definitely a good choice.
Time to get some things checked off my list for the day. I’m not entirely sure what the night will entail tonight, since tomorrow is a holiday. Could get crazy. :)
What are your plans for July 4th?
Did you enter the kitchen scale giveaway I posted yesterday? If not, go do it now!

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