yoga or pilates?

Yesterday was a really long day. It was a day full of meetings for school, and getting some paper work done. It also turned into a bit of a cheat day. I went out to lunch with my advisor, and we settled on Mexican food at Mi Cocina. Mexican is definitely one of my weaknesses, so I ate my fair share of chips and salsa, plus a beef taco and burrito.
It was delicious. Plus, I was starving! Cheat day was dragged out a little after lunch with some awesome chocolate chunk walnut brownies made by a friend. Too good to pass up!
By the time I made it home, I was whipped. I tried to make some healthier choices for dinner. Since I wasn’t super hungry as it was (wonder if that had anything to do with a carbilicious Mexican lunch?), so I made up a meal that was a little snacky, but tasted delicious.
I sliced up some cucumber, and took out the batch of tuna that was intended for lunch that day. Some of the cucumbers got a spread of light cream cheese, some got hummus, and some got neither. 
The tuna salad had a bit of miracle whip, red onion, red pepper, green pepper, carrot, salt, and pepper mixed in. Lots of veggies!
I don’t usually eat cucumber, but I was kinda craving it last night for some reason. It hit the spot!
After snacking, all I felt like doing was bumming on the couch. I was preoccupied with my meeting presentation in the morning, so my normal morning routine was thrown off, and I definitely didn’t feel like working out when I got home. But, after I had declared it a cheat day I decided I needed to move for at least a little bit, so I put together a quick 15 minute circuit workout.
It felt really good to sweat a little, like it always does!

Yoga or Pilates?

I really wanted to hit the gym this morning, but my hamstrings were a little tight, and I had some weird issue with my contacts this morning. I’m sporting my glasses today, which isn’t a bad thing, but they’re a little big on me and it’s super annoying to run/sweat with them on. I tend to get nauseous when I workout without my contacts in (yea, weird…) so I decided to fulfill my June Yoga Challenge instead. Last time I did a short pilates video, which I liked. I wanted something longer today, and ended up choosing a 50 minute yoga video
So, I start doing this yoga video. It was okay, but I knew after 5 minutes that I wasn’t going to like it as much as the pilates video. I think compared to the pilates, it was just too slow for me…I haven’t quite trained my mind to concentrate enough to do yoga maybe. Or, maybe it was hard because Barkley insisted on doing yoga with me. 
I’m not sure. But I think my next video I look for will definitely be a pilates, and see if it’s a little more fast paced. Any how, my internet must have sensed that I didn’t want to finish the video, because exactly half way through it, it wouldn’t continue to load. So to finish out the workout, I continued with the ‘yoga theme’ and pulled out my bit timer for 10 minutes of :45 work/:15 rest intervals of planks, warrior, and chair salutations, which I did in the video before it quit streaming.


This morning was another famous veggie scramble, with a little bit of turkey bacon thrown into the mix. 
I then added a slice of wheat toast with PB2, because I still felt a little hungry.
I have a big list of items to check off my to-do list today, including a 2-3 mile speed walk around lunch time. Check with ya later!
Questions for the morning:
  • Are you joining in the June Yoga Challenge hosted at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life?
  • Do you have a preference over yoga or pilates? I’m new to both, but so far I am biased by my first pilates video! Any suggestions for me?

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