saturday catch up

Yesterday was the big summer tournament for Kyle’s company softball team. We went out to Hurst, TX for a whole day out on the fields. We left early at 6:30 AM. I managed to get in a 1.5 mile run and my 33 burpees before getting ready to leave. I also made sure to pack up some healthy snacks for while we were out there!

As it ended up, these snacks only lasted until just after lunch. The boys played really well, and made it to the championship game! They won their first two games, and were allowed an hour break after both of these until their next game. Unfortunately, they lost their third game, so they had to play three more back to back games until the championship game. They played their hardest, but weren’t quite able to pull out a win. We were proud of them for making it there, it was so hot out and they had been playing all day. 
After the game we all sat around while the boys tried to name their MVP of the day. I think it was decided on their pitcher, who flew in from Atlanta just for the tournament. What a trooper! :)
Kyle was exhausted after playing all day long, and I felt bad admitting I was tired from just sitting in the sun all day. On the drive home we were contemplating dinner. I wanted a burger, so McDonald’s or Whataburger were definitely thrown into the mix. But, we made the healthier decision to cook at home, even though it required a quick run to the grocery to grab a side item. (We desperately need to go grocery shopping. Today.) Kyle cooked up some burgers and I whipped up some four cheese macaroni.
The pasta and avocado were our purchased items are the grocery. I tried a new kind of mac ‘n cheese…mostly because it was on sale.
I’m not completely familiar with what ‘durum wheat semolina’ is, but from a quick Google search it looks like it is low in gluten and high in protein. I made the macaroni with real butter and almond milk. It was tasty.
And for me, burgers and avocado are always a hit. It satisfied my burger craving!
Our sleepy heads hit the pillow shortly after dinner at 9:30 PM!


I made an easy breakfast this morning of an English muffin, peanut butter and banana. I chose this mostly because I didn’t eat any peanut butter yesterday. 
Can’t be deprived of the good stuff!
I workout may be in my future today, but I think I’m going to end up taking the day off, and just get some stretching in instead. We plan to get our errands out of the way this morning, so we can relax this afternoon and hit up the pool. We need to even out our farmers tans from yesterday!
Also, don’t forget to enter in my Larabar Giveaway. Last day for entries is tomorrow!
Have a great day!

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