rainy evening and a special delivery

Since I didn’t get to posting my workout this morning like usual, here is it now…


This morning was another one where I waited until 6:00 AM for the gym to open. I wasn’t feeling a run (even though it is National Running Day, oops) so I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes. I then completed a 10 minute core workout, using the bit timer app for iPhone. It’s pretty easy to work, and gives a better visual than just watching a clock. Especially if you’re like me and sometimes you lose track.
Here you simply set your ‘work’ and ‘rest’ time, then you can choose how many times you want to repeat it for your desired workout length. My core workout consisted of alternating between any ab exercise and any plank. Without much rest time in there, I was definitely feeling my core work this morning! And then came the burpees. Today was 37. I find I can do sets of 8-10 fairly easily now before needing to take a breather. Only 5 days left in the challenge for me! Burpees are a great workout, so I might still try to keep up adding at least 20 to them in my workouts every day. Try…we’ll see. :)
If you missed it this morning, you can check out the recipe for my delicious green smoothie I had for breakfast this morning. So good!

Delivery Problems

I came home early because I knew I was getting a package delivered today. This package happened to be my foodie penpals package. I felt so bad for my penpal, Leah. She had to send it three times because the mail men sometimes refuse to leave packages at the door. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Well the third time she left instructions to leave it. I almost couldn’t find it when I walked in the door!
I secretly love when they do this. It makes my day. And my day was made even better when I opened up the box and discovered the goodies inside!
She did awesome. The Nate & Sassy’s white chocolate amaretto granola is locally made, and Leah purchased it from the Farmer’s Market she goes to every weekend. She had read that I found out about PB2 and wanted to try it. I hadn’t bought any yet because I was waiting to use up my current jar of peanut butter (#studentonabudgetproblems). And what do you know, just yesterday I used up my Skippy, and here lands a jar of PB2 right at my doorstep.
She also threw in a chocolate banana Kutoa Bar, which is all natural and vegan, and a packet of Justin’s chocolate almond butter. Last but not least… she added an all natural raw hide for Barkley! 
So thoughtful! Thank you Leah! You did great. :) I enjoyed the granola in some plain yogurt for my afternoon snack. I couldn’t resist!

Rain, Rain…we probably need you

Tonight we were supposed to go to Kyle’s softball games, but in lieu of the incoming storms (which are a-brewing right now) the games are cancelled. Sometimes I love getting trapped inside listening to the rain. Right now however, I feel like I have a million things I need to do for work. (Or school, but today it feels like work.) So…we will see whether Barkley cuddle time and DVR win over reading piles of literature to start writing a paper tomorrow. Either way, I am pretty sure there will be some PB2 and granola involved. :)
Don’t forget to check back tomorrow morning. I will be launching a new feature on Slim Sanity that I’m pretty excited about! Stay tuned. :)
Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

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