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We had a very fun, relaxing weekend. If you missed it, you can read all about it below!

Last night’s dinner was delicious, and I’m starting to think that Sunday nights have a recurring theme…Sunday night pizza dinners!
This was one of the Wal-Mart fresh take and bake pizzas, meat lovers edition. These are some of the best pizzas. (Pizza Hut trumps them only when we don’t feel like driving to go pick one up. Sometimes, that’s allowed.) I highly recommend! 


Since last night’s dinner was a little indulgent (mostly because I picked up some ice cream for dessert), so I knew I wanted to hit a workout hard this morning. I had a few errands to run this morning, conveniently again at Wal-Mart. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a huge clearance rack, and a box that immediately grabbed my attention.
I haven’t been doing DVD workouts lately, and I have never done a Jillian Michaels workout. But to get two DVD workouts for only $5? Seemed like a good reason to check it out. I got home and opened up the box. 
I can honestly say I’ve never used a one pound dumbbell before. But for a little added resistance once in a while, why not have them around? 
I decided to start my workout for the morning with a one mile warm up jog. (In hindsight, this was not necessary. But it did get me an awesome workout for the day!) I came back and just picked the first DVD listed on the box, which was the Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism workout. Looking it up on Amazon, you can buy this DVD for $7.20, so I guess I really did get a deal!
This workout consisted of a warm up, 40 minutes of circuit workouts, and a cool down. Let me tell you…this workout was not a joke. There were seven six minute interval circuits, that were mostly cardio based moves. A couple of the circuit were kick boxing style. I’m not so great at these, mostly because I have bad coordination. But holding a slight squat position while punching got my legs burning and my heart rate up, so I was okay with it! Here are a couple of the moves I felt really worked.
Plie Squat Jump
Perform 4 plie squats, and after the last one, jump, as shown in the diagram.

Scissor Jump

Can’t remember the actual name of these, bu this is close enough. Starting in a squat position, you jump up so that your legs are straight, and then cross them in a scissor motion, shown below.
High to Low Plank
Starting in the low plank positon, lift yourself into the high plank position, and repeat.
High Plank with Leg Twist
In the high plank position, bring one leg up to your chest and twist your body with it. The picture below doesn’t show much of a twist…I’ll need to get a better clip off the video for this one maybe.

The Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout is one I will definitely be doing again! Can’t wait to check out the other DVD in my clearance box. :)


My breakfast this morning consisted of a green smoothie, same way I made it last time. Delicious!
It’s getting super late in the day, so I best be completing some tasks off my check list for the day. See ya later!


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