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Today has been exhausting. Mentally exhausting, that is. But it still seems to make you just as tired. Writing is one of the hardest parts of research, and probably my least favorite. Sometimes it’s days like these that I have to remind myself why I am in this doctoral program. Because someday I’m going to make fat cash. Because being a ‘Dr’ sounds cool. Gaining the knowledge to (potentially) be on the forefront of developing new technology is pretty awesome. I say potentially, because I haven’t developed any new technology yet. All of that awesome stuff is my five year work-in-progress my advisor calls my thesis. There is definite potential for what I’m doing, I just have to tough it through the days of writing, and hopefully get there.
I knew from the start this wasn’t going to be easy, so I should really stop complaining. I’ve had two of my favorite things to get me through today: food and exercise. Let’s start with food. In a typical day that I am trapped at home pumping out characters into my word processor, I snack. A lot. Here is a little idea of the snacks I had today.
That yogurt and granola bowl is recycled from last night…I think there was a little more granola on it today. I was too busy chowing down to grab a picture. Somewhere, I threw lunch into the mix as well. Lunch today were leftovers from a couple of nights, but they still tasted great.
I took a break shortly after lunch for exercise. Barkley and I went on a walk on our normal loop, since it had finally quit raining. The rain held out until the last .2 miles of our walk. Luckily it wasn’t raining too hard, so my iPhone didn’t get ruined. (I’m on Luke Bryan Pandora now. Try it out. You’ll love it.
When we got back in, I wanted to do get in some other kind of workout, but wasn’t feeling any of my normal routines. That is when I remembered the June Yoga Challenge hosted by Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure I’d do it, because I have not enjoyed yoga in the past. But, it has been a loooong time since I’ve done yoga, and I’m a lot more disciplined in my workouts now than I used to be. So, I decided today that I’m going to do a yoga video at least once every week. Since I don’t own any yoga DVDs, and don’t want to buy any, or purchase a membership anywhere (#studentonabudgetproblems), I hopped on Google for a solution. I came up with, which appears to have a bunch of free videos. I knew I didn’t want anything long, so I did a quick browse and chose a random one that was about 20 minutes long. Pilates: Beginner Level 2 Class. (Soo I’m hoping that the pilates will qualify as yoga for my challenge. I think it should.)

Here’s a snippet from the video. I was happy to get in my planks for the day! Some of the positions you had to hold were slightly awkward, but from what I know about yoga, you do a lot of that. 
As it turns out, I did enjoy this workout! The awkward move were challenging, and it involved planks stretching that I ordinarily do. I think for my yoga workout each week, I’ll try something different and longer each time. I just might be something I continue in the future!
If you missed my morning post, you should check it out. I’ve put some fun new stuff up on the blog today!
I think it is now time for me to wind down and relax for the day. I need a break from writing. See ya tomorrow!

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