quick & sweaty HIIT

Kyle was at a golfing event for work last night, so I was on my own for dinner. I was having a random craving for turkey sausage, and another craving for broccoli. So, I put them together in a fairly strange fashion…

I used broccoli as my ‘green’ for a salad, along with a little bit of cut up spinach. I chopped it up into small pieces so it was easier to eat as a salad. I then sauteed a turkey sausage with some red onion and red pepper.
I used a little bit of ranch as a dressing for this. It wasn’t too bad…I think with the right kind of dressing it would be really awesome. I then curbed my sweet tooth with a little bit of yogurt and PB.


This morning was hectic. In fact, the whole day has been busy so far, which is why I’m not getting my usual morning blogpost out until 1:00 pm. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to get a workout in this morning, so I opted for something I knew would be effective. A HIIT treadmill workout!
I didn’t add any incline to this one, just lots of speed intervals. I really wanted to get up to a speed of 9 today, but my legs were pretty tired so I didn’t push it that hard. I think I finished with 2.6 miles…I looked at it then couldn’t quite remember as I was leaving the gym. Forgot to get a picture! Oh well.
I had a protein shake for breakfast this morning, since I needed to get out the door. Instead of some of my normal morning rituals, I got a few things ready for the weekend. We are going camping! I’m pretty excited. I used to go all the time, but I haven’t been camping in a few years. We’ll be on a lake, and I’m hoping to check out some hiking trails too. It should be a great weekend. Unfortunately, this may be the last time you hear from me until Sunday morning with a nice weekend recap. (Don’t look so sad, I’ll be back soon enough!) We’ll be busy grocery shopping and packing up this afternoon and then taking off. I can only predict the amazing adventures that Barkley will have.
I hope you have a fan-tabulous weekend. I am sure I will!

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