one challenge down

Last night I ended up grabbing dinner out, since I stayed on campus for a late seminar. My friend Anne and I went to McAlister’s Deli. I ordered the veggie club, and it was delicious.

I kept it healthy with fruit as my side, instead of chips or potato salad, which sounded really, really good.
The sandwich had avocado, cucumber, roasted red pepper, red onion, lettuce, tomato, sharp cheddar, swiss, and Parmesan peppercorn sauce on wheat bread. So good.


I was feeling sluggish and out of it this morning. And a bit grumpy, not really for any reason. But, as I expected, I felt a million times better after getting in my daily workout. I hopped on the treadmill just to see what my body would let me do this morning. Normally my treadmill workouts involve incline or speed intervals. This time, I decided to do a longer distance on a medium speed. Not really sure what I’ll call this one, let’s just go with ‘distance endurance’.
Even though none of my speeds were super fast, this was still challenging for me because I ran almost 1.5 miles at a pace of about 9:10/mile, which was 6.5 speed setting on the treadmill. I’m still working to get a better feel of a faster mile. I think workouts like this will help my body get used to holding a little faster pace for a longer time more easily. I was a sweaty mess after this though. 
Real women sweat! Our Fit Approach motto :)
My run this morning actually put me at my 50 mile mark for my Rock ‘n Roll Challenge! I had 5 days left on this challenge, so I guess I did pretty well. One challenge down this month, one more to go!
After stretching, I put together a strength workout. No real rhyme or reason to it, just whatever I felt like doing today. 
I’ve apparently been into push ups this week, this is the third time I’ve incorporated them in my strength circuits. I was able to do 20 standard push ups no problem today though, so I’m thinking push ups should stay around for a while. Burpees this morning were rough. I did them quick and had to pause after doing the first 10, then I finished them off doing sets of 5. Whew! 


Breakfast was welcomed, because I was famished. I whipped up a protein shake with strawberry whey protein powder, almond milk, half a banana, and ice cubes.
I ate the other half of the banana smothered in peanut butter. And you know what I realized this morning… I went the entire day without eating a single spoonful of peanut butter! Mark that in the record books.
I’m hoping today will go by quickly, because I’m looking forward to an at-home date night with Kyle. I’m leaving to go home to Wisconsin tomorrow. My little brother is graduating from high school! Should be a fun weekend! It will be a quick trip though, only three nights, so I’ve gotta jam pack in the fun (and hopefully a workout or two).
What are your Memorial Day weekend plans? 


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