new room and challenge updates

Upon arriving home last night, I was happy to see that a package arrived! No, it wasn’t for me. It was for our spoiled puppy. I waited for Kyle to get back from work to put it together though. I typically hurt myself doing stuff like that. Plus it was pretty heavy. Before getting the kennel ready, he picked me up to run a couple errands, and we swung by Texadelphia for dinner. I had never heard of it before, but they feature philly cheesesteak type sandwiches.  I ordered ‘The Left Coast’, which had chicken, grilled onion, guacamole, lettuce, and tomato. It was delicious!
When we got back, we opened up the box for Barkley’s new home. It.was.huge. We needed to upgrade our current kennel because he wouldn’t sit or stand up in it, and I felt really bad keeping him in there when we’re gone. (We’ve been kenneling him during the day more lately, because his love to chew has increased dramatically in the last month or so).
That kennel is more like a puppy castle. We debating getting a little bit larger one, and I’m glad we didn’t, because it wouldn’t have fit anywhere. He even uses one of my old comforters as his bed. Such a spoiled well behaved and deserving dog. I can fit and lay down comfortably in that thing. (Yes, I tried it.) Now he can lay comfortable in his own ‘room’ all day, and we don’t get anymore belongings chewed up, at least while we are gone. It’s a win-win.


My legs were still pretty sore from my workout on Tuesday. I want to fit in some speed work tomorrow morning, so I decided to go a little easy on the legs today. My cardio session consisted of 30 minutes on the elliptical. I then completed my plank it out circuit. This one makes my abs burn every time! Sooo many planks. I love it. Don’t worry…I didn’t forget my burpee challenge. I completed 17 burpees when I arrived home. My legs didn’t like that a whole lot. 
Speaking of challenges, I checked in on my progress for the Rock ‘n Roll Challenge I entered in at the beginning of the month.
Being only about halfway through the month, I’d say that’s not too bad! (I have not been counting elliptical workouts in this, only treadmill and running/jogging.)
When I complete my challenge, I will receive a discount off the Dallas Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon entry fee next March. If you’re interested in running one of the Rock ‘n Roll Races in your area, you should join this challenge! It closes on June 30, 2012. Sign up here!


I haven’t had eggs for breakfast all week, so I decided to make a chicken scramble with spinach and green onion, and some turkey bacon on the side.
Instead of a Parmesan topping like I normally do, I did salsa instead.
Time to start the day. Later!


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