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Today has proven to be as busy a day as I anticipated. I made plenty of time to sit down and snack, however. That never seems to be much of a problem! Meals today haven’t been super exciting, because we need to hit the grocery badly. Morning snack were grapes we brought home from camping.

Lunch was leftover grapes, and a chicken breast I cooked up quickly this morning. There wasn’t a whole lot else in the kitchen!
And a snack that followed shortly were carrot sticks and a dip I created by mixing cottage cheese and salsa. We were inconveniently out of hummus. I had seen this combo recommended as a snack before, so I thought I’d try it out. It wasn’t too bad, but I think I may have rather used a mild salsa rather than medium. Me and spicy don’t always mix really well. :)
Tonight Kyle has basketball, and I have a feeling neither of us will be home too long before the game starts. Dinner tonight will most likely be a small random/snacky meal. Hopefully we’ll have some time to hit the grocery!

do you want a beachbody?

I was recently contacted by an affiliate at Beachbody to take a look at some new programs they have coming out. I was intrigued, because I have incorporated several Beachbody programs into my workout routines.
The one I looked at immediately was P90X2. They’ve spent two years developing new exercises and routines that are designed to work your body harder and get more effective results. Take a look at the video, some of these moves look pretty intimidating, but I’d be interested in trying them out!

P90X iPhone App

I thought this was pretty cool, because I enjoy some of the P90X workouts, but don’t have a lot of room to do them at my home right now. Also, if you don’t need the DVDs to do a workout, this would be a cheaper way to get your hands on all of the P90X workouts. You can select a program (classic, lean, or doubles) and get a set of all the workouts. The app not only includes a list of the workouts, but pictures and demos of how to perform the moves. Check out some screen shots on the iTunes App Store page. You can also track nutrition information and progress using the P90X iPhone App. P90X App for iPhone

iPhone Screenshot 1
P90X iPhone App
P90X App for iPhone
I’m hoping that Beachbody might come out with an iPhone app for P90X2!

Body Beast
The last program I looked at was Body Beast, and I instantly recognized the creator, Sagi Kalev. He’s based out of Dallas, and I actually have a friend who has worked with him before! This program was still in development, so there wasn’t a video to watch. From what I saw, this probably would not be a program I would consider purchasing for myself, because I’m looking to build lean muscle. But, Sagi Kalev is a well known body builder, so if you were looking to built muscle mass, you should be on the lookout for these DVDs. You can sign up here to be contacted when they are ready to be released! 
Body Beast
What are your favorite Beachbody programs? Have you ever completed any?


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