let the games begin

As anticipated, we started dinner last night by opening a bottle of wine. Kyle picked up a couple of bottles on the way home; one we had tried before, and one that was new. I decided to start with the bottle of pinot noir that we’d had before.

I then entertained Barkley while Kyle made a delicious chicken dinner. He cooked chicken with a sundried tomato marinade, then sauteed veggies (red pepper, green pepper, red onion, carrots) with some Italian dressing, and laid it all on a bed of spinach.
We both really enjoyed this meal, the flavors all went really well together. It didn’t sit heavy either, since it was on spinach and not pasta. Definitely a dish we’ll make again….maybe with a full recipe next time.
We sat down to relax and watch House and Castle on DVR, then we decided that we needed a little more excitement if we were going to finish a whole bottle of wine on a Tuesday night. We tossed out some ideas, including Wii bowling, which is always a great option. In the end, we broke out the playing cards, and let the game begin!
We tapped into the second bottle of wine, and started playing Speed. This is probably one of my favorite games I ever played when I was younger… Kyle and I have broken this game out a few times during some other ‘at-home-date-nights’. I think nights like this when we crack open some wine and let loose are some of the best, it’s a good break from the normal weeknight routine. After a few games of Speed, we moved on to War. I had way over half the deck, until I made a comment ‘I have never played a game of War to the end’…..then things took a drastic downturn on my end, and I played the last 5 minutes with an 8,7,6, and 4. I’ll make sure I win next time…


Even though we both had a few glasses of wine last night, we were drinking water along side of it, and getting up at 5 am for our workout was a piece of cake. Although I felt wide awake, my body must not have been in the  mood for a long run. I pumped out 1.2 miles with Barkley, then went to fit in a great lifting workout.
When I do strength workouts, it depends on how I feel that day whether I’ll do all lower body, all upper body, or mix it up. Today, I wanted all upper body. I didn’t think my arms had a good workout in a little while, and they definitely got a good one in today. I performed the exercises in each set back to back, and rested one minute following. I did each set twice, except for set 5. By the time I got to push ups, my arms felt like noodles. I managed to pump out 10 good push ups, and did the other 10 from my knees. I did my one minute plank for the day, then jogged on home. Between my Barkley run, and jogging to and from lifting, I put in another 2 miles for my challenge today. All in all, a good sweaty workout!


I made some turkey bacon this morning, and settled on a breakfast scramble with a whole lot of spinach in it.
There’s also some scrambled egg, red onion, red pepper, and green pepper amongst all the spinach and salsa, if you can tell!
This morning will be spent getting a few things done around the apartment, then heading off to school to catch up on some things that need done.
What were your favorite games you played when you were younger?
What do you do to let loose during the week?

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