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Monday night dinners are sometimes a little bit thrown together. There’s a good chance either of us are tied up at work, (for me, work = school) and Kyle has a basketball league on Monday nights. Last night his game was at 7:20, so dinner didn’t happen until later in the evening. I did however have a snack before we left. I finished up a turkey cutlet from the weekend with a bit of my asparagus pesto. I swear…that stuff is good with everything.

Kyle played a good game, and they won! When we got home, we opted for a quick and easy dinner since it was kind of late. We heated up some canned chicken breast in a skillet with garlic salt, paprika, and thyme. We ate it in a pita, with veggies and hummus as a side.
The chicken tasted really good. There’s a bunch of veggies in the bottom of that, just can’t see ’em.


Since I had a heavy cardio day yesterday, I opted for heavier strength training today. I walked over to the gym, and did 15 minutes on the elliptical to warm up. I used an incline of 10 and a resistance of 15. After finishing my warm up, I stretched and started a legs and core superset workout.
I did two sets of each of these supersets. For each superset, I did the two exercises one after the other with one minute of rest before repeating. Our machine leg press is currently out of order. It makes me sad, because I love that thing. Using it for single leg presses is one of my favorite strength moves lately.
There isn’t a whole lot of room in my gym for doing abs and such, so after completing this workout, I went outside to finish off my day with a set of burpees!
If you haven’t heard about the 30 day burpee challenge hosted by Your Inner Skinny and supported by the  Sweat Pink ladies, check it out here! Today I finished 15 burpees. I was definitely out of breath. I didn’t think my legs felt too bad after my day’s workout, until I tried to jog home. Leg. were. tired. 


Since I am featuring an egg snack recipe later on today, I decided not to do eggs for breakfast this morning. I went for a fruit, nut, and yogurt combo instead.
And for some reason, I prepared it in an overly large bowl. In there is almost a cup of plain yogurt, half a banana, tablespoon of peanut butter, walnuts, and raisins. I actually looked at the nutrition facts for my yogurt this morning, and discovered that one cup has 11 g of protein in it. Not too bad!
Now it’s time to try and get motivated for the day, and hopefully fit in time to take Barkley for a walk. He needs to release some energy!
Have a lovely day!


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