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So happy with a great weekend! Here is my recap on our weekend of camping if you missed it. And also, I guest posted for Michelle at Blogitness, which was featured yesterday.

Camping at Cedar Hill
Guest Post: Roasted Chickpeas

Last night was pretty relaxing. After cleaning up our camping gear and getting a few loads of laundry done, we just hung out watching DVR, and later the Billboard Music Awards. I just say, Jordan Sparks did a fabulous job on her Whitney Houston tribute. Did anyone else watch it?


I got to my workout a little later than usual this morning, at about 6:45 AM. I had put together a full body circuit  to complete this morning, and I realized I could do this one at home with the dumbbells I own. So instead of hitting the gym, I went out for a mile run, stretched, then tackled this circuit workout.
I completed this circuit by going across the sections in order (lift, push, plank, move), performing the first move in each box per round, until I completed all the exercises. It took me about 30 minutes to complete. I knew this circuit was going to be tough for me because of all the push ups. The reps that are listed for each push up exercise are what I was able to complete, if you are capable of doing more, go for it! The ones I struggled with the most were the diamond push up. I did 5 regular, and I did the other 10 from my knees. If you aren’t familiar with some of these moves, you can check out these links and pictures!
Plank with leg lift (this can be performed with or without balancing ball)
Sumo squat with triceps extension
I performed my arm movement while I was holding the squat position, but either way you perform works.
Diamond push up
This is a move that works the triceps. You will place your hands together in the shape of a diamond, and perform the move shown below. You can also check out this youtube video.
V up push up
Standing in a ‘V’ shape, perform a push up like the picture below. Or, check out this video

180 Switch Squats
In this move, you begin in the squat position, then jump 180 degrees to land in another squat position. 
180 jumping switch squats (source)

I was a sweaty mess after this workout. My arms and shoulders are definitely feeling the burn today! Especially after the last exercise I did, burpees! You could do as many as you can, but I did 20 today because that’s where I am in my burpee challenge


I had a slice of peanut butter toast as a pre workout snack this morning. After my workout, I toasted another piece of bread, with two over hard eggs and salsa.
I ate my piece of toast with egg as an open faced sandwich. Yum!
This is going to be a particularly busy week for me with school, and then I am leaving to go home for my little brother’s high school graduation this weekend! So, lots to do to be productive today. Let’s make this Monday a good one!
Questions for the morning:
  • How are you guys doing with the burpee challenge?
  • Anything fun happen this weekend?

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