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Last night Kyle had a double header to kick off the new season softball, and I decided to try and bring Barkley with me to get him out and enjoy the weather. I think he was just happy to go for a car ride

Barkley really enjoyed the game, but I think he was confused as to why he couldn’t go chase all the balls that were flying around everywhere. I stayed for their first game but headed on home to get a few things done, and eat dinner because I was famished. Dinner was especially exquisite last night. There really is nothing better than free pizza (said in the words of a true graduate student!)
Kyle managed to bring this home from work, since they had pizza catered in and an abundance left over. I enjoyed two pieces of sausage and pepperoni from Papa John’s. And yes, I ate it cold. Cold pizza is probably one of my favorite foods….don’t judge me.


You know it’s bad when you set your alarm to ‘sleep in’ until 5:30 AM, and you wake up on your own at 5:15, wide awake. Mentally I was ready to dig into a workout, but my body was kinda tired from yesterday. I had initially planned to try and hit the treadmill at the gym, but Kyle felt the same way, so we ended up taking Barkley on a 2.5 mile walk/jog with a good fetch session in the middle of it. Kyle signed up for the Rock ‘n Roll Challenge too, so we both got in the minimum of miles we needed for today. 
When I was running, my mind drifted to an article I read on Life of Blyss yesterday, and I wondered if I had some things I need to address. In her article, Alyssa talked about how she stopped getting shin splints by changing her foot strike pattern from being a ‘forefoot striker’ to a ‘midfoot striker’.

When I was running this morning, I realized that I am definitely a ‘heel striker.’ I haven’t been much of a runner until recently (besides track in high school which was ages ago), so I don’t think I ever knew there was much of a difference. I tried to concentrate on my form by landing more midfoot-to-forefoot…it takes a lot of effort out of you to think about every single step you’re taking when you run! 
When I completed my workout this morning, I looked at the article Alyssa linked as the source for the image above. Alyssa explained that having a ‘midfoot strike’ is the best for your body because the impact you feel from running is put on the stronger parts of your foot. The running blog says that ‘heel strikers’ are less efficient at running. They explained that while switching to a ‘midfoot strike’ may not necessarily make you a better runner, if you are prone to injury it may be worth a try to change your form. 
So, now I’m wondering if I can try and train my body to a ‘midfoot strike’, if the problems I’ve been having with my outer hip will go away. I know my form isn’t great in the first place, so I guess I need to make more of a conscious effort when I’m out running to try and fix it. But for starters, I think buying some proper running shoes is going to be necessary. The shoes I have now are cross training shoes I believe, and they’re over two years old now anyways so it’s probably about time for some new ones. Hopefully this weekend I can take a trip to Runner’s World and they can hook me up!
So anyways… alongside my walk/run this morning, I did the following core circuit, which I think had me sweating more than my run did.
I may be going overboard on the planks (haha, get it?), but they are a really great core exercise, so I figure you can’t really go wrong with them. The double reverse crunch is one of my new favorite abs moves too. I really feel the burn on that one!
I’m so full of jokes…. source


After pizza for dinner last night, I decided to skip any carbs and went for turkey bacon and eggs with a side of avocado and salsa.
As for today, I have a ton of things I want to get done, so now I just need to figure out where to start. 
Questions for the morning
  • Now that summer weather is approaching, are you starting any new sports leagues? We have softball and basketball starting around here for Kyle…not sure if I will dip into anything besides running just yet
  • Does anyone have advice on ways to help improve running form?



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