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Yesterday I went to go pick up my race packet for the Friends on Katy Trail 5K. I’m excited, but a little nervous, probably because this is my first real race since track in high school. (Ages ago.) Luckily though, I’ll be going with a big group of people who are all experienced racers, and have run this particular race before. So all will be well. :)

I went to go pick up my packet at Luke’s Locker, I had never been there before. In fact, it’s been a while since I went and bought new shoes (still working on funds to buy the new running shoes I need), and most of my fitness gear is from Target. There was so much stuff I loved… I think you know you’re turning into a real fitness enthusiast when you would rather buy Nike’s and dry fit tanks than high heels and a new top. Crazy, huh?

Fitness Gear Needs Wants
Besides new dry fit tanks and running shorts, including a tank style from Lululemon I saw on Life of Blyss,

Scoop Neck Tank

I have my heart set on buying a heart rate monitor watch. It’s not like my workouts are suffering right now without one, but I think it would motivate me to workout even harder on the days I need it, and make sure I’m getting the most out of my workouts.

Polar 90040923 FT40 Women's Heart Rate Monitor - White | One Size
Polar FT40

The Polar FT40 was recommended to me. I like the white color, and it’s one of the top rated HR monitors out there. The price around $100 is going to keep me from getting one for a little while though I think. :)

Gear you don’t need!
Speaking of things we don’t really need (although I know that watch will be in my possession soon enough, if anything I do have a birthday yet this year *light bulb*) I saw this article from Shape Magazine listing 7 Fitness Items to Ditch. Among these items were specialized sports towels and fitness body wash, which I didn’t even know existed. Another item I thought was interesting was weight lifting belts.
Weight lifting belt
While I’ve never used one, I’ve seen them used before. According to this article, they temporarily decrease pain when you are lifting heavier weights, but they don’t prevent more severe injuries. This is because they don’t teach you to use proper form, so you are more prone to hurting yourself regardless. Just another reason why form is so important! So, Shape magazine says to ditch those belts, and to adjust your form if you feel like you need one.
As for today’s workout, I’ve decided I’ll cool it since I’m racing tomorrow. I slept in a little this morning, because I was leaving a later than normal to take Kyle to the airport. (He’ll be out of town all weekend…party?) I took Barkley on a mile walk instead of hitting the gym. He did well on the gentle leader for the most part (we’re still having some issues with this), but he did decide to give me a little bit of Elvis attitude.
He wasn’t really in the mood for pictures this morning. I think he was too distracted about the fact he was on a walk for the first time after losing his manhood. Maybe we’ll try a second walk tonight.
By the way….
We saw The Avenger’s for date night last night, and it was just as good as everybody said it was. I definitely recommend it! I was glad we watched Thor the other night, because it tied into it pretty heavily. Go see it!!
Questions for today
  • What a piece of fitness gear you can’t go without?
  • Do you own a heart rate monitor watch? If so, what do you recommend?


  1. Lauren says

    I love my Polar heart rate monitor! It is a great indication of when to push yourself harder. My favorite workout clothing is Lululemon. Their yoga/crop pants are amazingly flattering!

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