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I had an appointment today that got cancelled. The food I brought today wasn’t enough to last me the entire day, since I thought I’d  be going home sometime in the afternoon. Along with the veggies and hummus I brought in, I ended up going over to Subway at the student union for lunch.

Turkey breast, guacamole, lettuce, red onion, green pepper, and black olive on whole wheat. Sounds kind of familiar, huh? I best be having something other than a sub sandwich tonight.

Crossfit, anyone?

While I was eating lunch, I decided to browse twitter and some of my frequently read blogs. In the last 24 hours, it seems there has been a significant number of posts about crossfit. I have several friends that are into crossfit. Kyle was even doing it for a while last fall. Everyone who does it, loves it. I haven’t tried it yet. There are some free crossfit classes at the gym my friends go to, which I need to check out at some point in time. (I like free.)
Anyhow, I saw several crossfit ‘workout of the day’ posts. This is an example of what one of them looked like.

5×2 Power Snatch

5 RFT:

12 PushPress 115/75

15 T2B
21 Double Unders
Besides the fact that it took me a minute to remember that WOD stood for ‘workout of the day,’ I didn’t know what most of those moves were. (I later remembered a second workout I saw, where they told you to erepeat the cycle of 3 moves 5 times, perhaps explaining the 5RFT.) There was one move that I googled, which was the power snatch. I’ve heard of power cleans before, but a ‘snatch’? Just what is that?
I knew that the power clean was a move I’d seen on the Olympics, with weight that looks impossible to lift. I found a website that laid it out plain and simple. In a power clean, you catch the weight at your shoulders, and in a power snatch, you catch the weight overhead.

this is a power clean (source)

end position of the power snatch (source)

No wonder those crossfit people always look so buff.

Well, even though I’ve heard rave reviews of these crossfit workouts, and know where to find some, I’m not going to attempt them just yet. Especially in moves like the power clean/snatch, you have to make sure you’re using good form. Which means I’ll need someone helping me through the first couple times I do it. Maybe my next open Saturday morning, I’ll finally check out that free class my friend have been wanting me to go to!

Have you done crossfit? How do you like it?

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