30 minute uphill climb

Last night’s dinner turned out to be like I expected: snacky and random. I did manage to throw together a nice healthy sandwich with leftover goods from camping. Wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, green pepper, red onion, and a little light miracle whip. The bread was a little squished, so I figured we should use it up.

After Kyle’s game, we watched the series finale of House. I am super sad to see that show end. I wasn’t super impressed with the finale episode though. It was good, maybe what I would have expected, but the story line was kind of weird. Oh well….just like L&O SVU, they have marathons on USA all the time, so I guess that can keep me content!


I am feeling sore from yesterday’s full body circuit workout, especially in my arms and shoulders from all of those push ups! After my treadmill workout this morning, my glutes were sore, too!
I wasn’t sure I felt like doing a lot of running, so this 30 minute walk/jog up to a full incline did the workout trick this morning. My legs were super tired after doing 5.5 jogging intervals up to an 8 incline, so I continued on a walk from there on up. Super.sweaty. I finished with stretching, and burpees! 22 today. Wowza.


I whipped up a turkey bacon, red pepper, red onion, and two egg scramble this morning, served with a side of coffee.
 Dousing it with salsa on top, of course.
The rest of the day will be spent trying to tackle a ridiculous amount of research literature I need to become knowledgeable in. Wish me luck!

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